Monday, 27 September 2010


Ok, i admit it, i am a newbie blogger and looking back on my posts I find myself wondering just how the “swiss-missers“ of the world manage to keep up with the ever-demanding blog pace: „new content attracts“.

Either these virtual virtuosos are living their lives in front of their now-mandatory glossy screens endlessly wandering down virtual breadcrumb trails or are outsourcing their exploration to fledgling interns. At this rate, how does one even attempt to look after active clients OR the laundry OR growing chaos in the kitchen OR increasingly-growing-more-opposed-to-bedtime children.

Call me old-fashioned, but I need time to be struck with an idea and to match that inspirational thought to a window of time where no one needs me. Obviously, the coincidental meeting of these two factors is not regularly guaranteed in my universe. Something to work on? Something to feel bad about? I say, No. I choose not to keep up with the Jones’, but ask merely that you do, dear reader, return every so often to see if I have in fact managed to miraculously merge a wormhole of time with a worthwhile thought to share.

There is always hope…

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