Friday, 26 November 2010


Does it come from the new? From the mundane?
Or does it lie somewhere over the rainbow?

I had lunch today with a colleague from my Interbrand days. Prior to meeting up, I realized that we had not seen each other in over 7 years. It was a surprisingly refreshing meeting. In such a span of time, one can clearly lose their objectivity on the roll-out of their life. He patiently listened to my reflections on experiencing motherhood, career, marriage and my move to Germany. He, in turn, shared with me his adventures of meeting his new partner, being once again a father and details of his various exhibit projects, travels and collaborations.

We talked about setting goals, about focusing on a desired experience and how the orchestration of it magically enables the right people to share in it. Could it be so simple I wondered? His positive and reassuring outlook seemed to counter my doubting tendencies. Strange how someone so utterly objective can help in realigning your true North.

He later sent me a wonderful .pdf of his “hot list” - a compilation of architectural highlights he discovered or visited in 2010. As I travelled through these pages, I was reminded of my daily drive to my daughter´s school. As I marveled at the beauty and power of creative design I sat at my kitchen table full of children´s pencil cases and art projects. There´s inspiration in the larger-than-life experiences but let´s not forget about the little things that also hold answers for us all. It´s ok to want and love both.

Huge snowflakes are falling to the ground. I am off to look at them…

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  1. Your meeting with a colleague coincided with my continuing realization of how much we learn by interacting with others. My children, who I once taught, now teach me. Friends also introduce me to new ways of thinking and doing.