Tuesday, 9 August 2011

brand is where the heart is

branding talk. we read about branding's power over us. but can we buy into it? do we really believe in it?
over the years, i have read many a branding manifesto elaborating upon the element of emotional branding – the intangible emotional bonds marketers forge between product and consumer – often wondering if such relationships actually do influence decision making.

currently on holiday in rural Québec, i was amazed to find "popeye tasty candy sticks" at a local, dusty dépanneur. a naive design and simple packaging act as nostalgic time capsule to an era gone by. i instinctively reached for them as a rush of childhood memories reeled through my mind: the chalky taste. the game of mimicking our parents irresponsible but glamorous habit. stashing them in our pockets. summer days. dirty streets. scabbed knees. smeared nickels pulled out of pockets. screams of laughter during water fights.

neither the list of artificial ingredients nor the almost criminal ramp-up intent of the manufacturers seemed to dampen my desire to buy a pack and share them with my kids. wanting them to have a puff of my past – a drag of my carefree summer days, a toke of innocence.

if that's not emotional, i don't know what is.

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  1. interesting what evokes emothions