Wednesday, 18 January 2012

piece of cake

cake fairy
brand identity and business cards

Some people cook. Some people bake. And some, like me, stick to… design.

A friend who was looking into setting up a bespoke cake service had an opportunity at a recent party to spread the word so she asked me to help her develop a brand identity and business card.

The "Cake Fairy” name and tagline "Make a Wish" play with terms of birthday vernacular, "blow out the candles!" and the notion that any request be easily granted and any form of delicious, cutomised cake-creation be procured. What busy, culinary-challenged mother could pass on that promise?!?!

Canada Type's, Chikita Pro, with it's flowing, frosted icing-like strokes, is used for the wordmark and combined with Banda Regular to create an energetic and friendly brand voice. The cupcake symbol, set amidst colour starbursts, evokes a magical realm. A secondary design element of candy stripes seals the back of each card, a stylized wrapping of sorts.

In all my years of identity development, I don't ever recall considering the flavor of a logo before – raspberry or chocolate – but nice to see that i am still facing the unexpected.

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