Monday, 27 August 2012

summer scenes

G L O R I O U S  G U M B A L L S 

enjoying holidays in Canada and decided to try to visually capture a few summer moments.

how many of us saved our quarters and eagerly cupped our little summer, sweaty hands under the mouths of one of these machines anxiously awaiting a meager award of sweetness? today, we found a row of these old beauties outside of the local grocery store. my change purse was emptied.

F I N D I N G   F R A N K L I N

the CBC's never-ending spin of the upcoming arctic search for the lost ships of the mid 19thC franklin expedition has become a running gag at the cottage as we struggle to share in the broadcaster's suspenseful build-up of a seemingly questionable headlining story.

A F T E R   T H E   S W I M

it was a beautiful day here and we spent hours on the dock, in and out of the water. now the sun sets and all hangs out to dry.


  1. no wonder your daughters are creative.....

  2. Replies
    1. and coming from you! a true compliment.
      if i could only find more time for drawing…