Wednesday, 19 December 2012

curating christmas

christmas windows
frauenhoferstrasse, münchen

the recent current events have stilled my christmas spirit. my heart is sad as i hold the delicate hand of my beautiful five-year-old daughter realizing how fragile and magic our time here on earth actually is. this year, i am turning a blind eye to the shiny cellophane-wrapped electronic wish lists to simpler things.

wooden toys.
things that feel good to the touch.
hand-made presents.
self-stamped cards.
gifts to help slow us down and focus on each other.

these beautifully-curated christmas windows around the corner from my studio capture just that.

old things –
slightly chipped.
each with a story –
each with a past.
all red –
all christmas.

the owner, returning from an errand, noticed me snapping away. i was happy that he received my gift of admiration.


  1. beautiful thoughts

  2. Your sensitivity and art are magical.