Saturday, 8 May 2010

twk: signalling a new player in strategic communications
starnberg germany

i am a "cusp" designer. a designer who has witnessed the web explosion in the course of her career.

heck, i didn't even have my own computer when i first started working professionally. as a student at RISD, i was busy with carving rubilith layers and rummaging about in dark stat camera studios, instead of designing elaborate flash animations, pushing pixels around or even mastering screen resolution ratios. regardless, i have tried to keep up with the online medium, voraciously exploiting the networks of social media platforms and even daring to offer the occasional client an internet site – provided it is straightforward enough to plan out and execute by mere nagging art direction to capable programmers.

although i will always prefer the smell of freshly printed ink over the sound of a spinning hard-drive, one thing is clear: you can't beat online's ability to seamlessly change the published product or the speed of implementation. how many of us "cusps" haven't wished to have used a slightly darker Pantone Cool Gray upon receiving a final printed sample in the hand? the concept of this simple website for communications consultant, TWK, morphed from my desktop to a live website – edits and revisions in a ping-pong of efficient emails included – in a matter of days, while its stationery counterpart is still patiently awaiting its turn on the local Heidelberg.

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