Friday, 14 January 2011

nip & tuck

I am not sure that having a plastic surgeon as a client is the best thing for the morale of a designer in her early forties… but anyway, work is work.

This project was a double challenge. First-off: I was typically the girl passing out in health class when discussing anything remotely medically graphic so I had a hard time seeing myself being able to look at surgical "Before & Afters" or even discuss the nature of plastic surgery with the client without hitting the floor. Secondly: the Montreal-based client had been working with a local agency, and after about eight months of disappointing design development, frustrated and disillusioned, she approached a common friend who then pulled me into the project. Not the best of starts. But I was determined to rise above my squeamishness as well as to defend my profession and prove that it is, in fact, possible to successfully translate a client´s inspiration – in this case the somewhat overseen Nike of Samothrace – into a personalised, elegant and functional identity.

As part of the process, I collaborated with two incredibly gifted illustrators: Laurie LaFrance of Toronto and Sandy Haight of Seattle. Their contrasting and expressive brushstrokes were a delight to review, even though managing the timezones was trying at times. How interesting it was to see the different expressions of the female body emerge as we worked through endless poses and perspectives to tastefully convey a sensitive statement of empowerment. With a demanding client driven by "S-Curves" and precision, I found myself receiving quite an education in female anatomy and understanding the key to the perfect breast. In the end, we opted for Sandy Haight´s sumi-inspired visual style and paired with Jos Buivenga´s graceful Calluna typeface, Dr. Sandra McGill´s identity took shape before us.

To date, we have printed the stationery and are working on finishing up the website. Slightly more seasoned in the subject, and happy to be preparing the .psd file for programming for an even happier client, now – i´ve had two kids afterall – how ´bout that boob job?


  1. how satisfying to tackle adversity, conquer fears and succeed. the doc will have the most professional site in Canada, if not the world.

  2. thanks miriam, not too hard as most aesthetic surgeon sites are a toss up between info-mercial, toys r us or sleazebag litigation firms ;-)