Monday, 10 January 2011

The Spirit of Giving

In 2010 I received quite a lot:
the chance to focus on lafleur design, the securement of an actual studio lease, the many insights that come with the self-reflection process of creating one’s own identity & a slow-growing list of steadily returning clients. It was time to give something back, to somehow thank my faithful patrons for their commissions as well as have a go at trying to create my first, dare I say, promo piece.

While moseying about an enchanting Chocolaterie near my studio, I stumbled upon something: beautifully rounded, gold-foil wrapped, Italian chocolate Kügelchen (I use the German word here because the English term "balls" falls short in feeling). An obvious formal translation of my logo came to mind. Studio mates helped me source a local foam-fitter and along with a simple box and branded banderole the packaging was complete. After having sourced the materials, I eagerly traipsed through the Munich rain to pick up the right number of Kügelchen for assembly. I was crushed to find out that over the weekend, they had sold out. I stood there in my wet Uggs and dripping hair, looking rather pathetic and lost. No re-order even. As with many creative processes, it was onto plan B.

After spending the next couple of days researching acceptable alternatives, and calculating all sorts of other possible bonbon-inlay-box designs, my determined quest to score the original Kügelchen was rewarded at a small, out-of-the-way chocolate store, also a recommendation from a studio mate. The sales lady was not quite sure what to make of my elation…

Time and time again, the design process is revealing. Don’t give up on an idea. In times of need, use the knowledge of your network. Stay flexible and calm even when the variables seem hard to coordinate. In challenge there is reward.

So – I give just a little delicious something back for all of the wonderful hours each of your projects has rewarded to me.

Thanks everybody.

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