Tuesday, 22 March 2011

today's agenda

(might i suggest simultaneous viewing?)

Intended as an ongoing series exploring trending themes in digital media, I am ever so proud of this small, hold-in-your-hand, book series, "VI_Agenda", which i developed and designed for Virtual Identity.
To date, we have produced two volumes and like a brooding mother, I am keen on convincing them on a third...

Graphic photography or whimsical illustration aim to animate and express key themes of each expanded essay. The clean, graphic language of VI's visual identity, which i also developed to support why not associates' fantabulous CI , provides both neutral canvas and flexible framework for each volume, playing up basic elements of colour, strong type treatment and grid variation to unify the series.

The client could have merely opted for simple, anonymous .pdfs for download, but rightfully decided to cross-platform their message into a tangible, human keepsake. bravo.

Interested in leafing through a copy yourself? VI_Agenda is available to order. In German only though folks, schade!

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