Wednesday, 20 April 2011

concrete jungle

I am truly enjoying the wave of warm, Spring days we are welcoming here in Munich.
Combined with the fact that school is out for 2 weeks I am in holiday mode, not having stepped foot in the studio in almost a week. And yes, that feels just plain weird. But I have been far too busy colouring easter eggs, perfecting my risotto, walking (even discovering) our neighbourhood with our 4 month-old puppy, Bertram, to think about it all that much. I sneak in concentrated hours of work when the house sleeps, as my laptop's monitor glows eerily in the dark kitchen to the late-night radio-show warnings of Geisterfahrer (you've got to google that one – something that German Media is quite obsessed with or correct me Canada, but have you ever HEARD of such a thing reported?).

It has been a true switch to slow down, break the normal routine and shift priority to overviewing my daughter's mealtime experiments – gummy bear and carrot salad was a true tages-hit (is that hyphen ever critical) – or charting the occasional ice cream run. Today as we strolled up to one of our favourite Eisdiele (another one for babelfish), I stumbled across a beautiful mural, a joyful canvas underfoot. In the shadow of a concrete mountain which kids love to tag almost as much as scale and climb – was a sea of beautiful creatures dappled in crisp dancing light.

The sidewalk was alive. And so was I.


  1. Hi Heather Janet here in Montreal with your Mum and John, Yes there must be ghost-riders as I just finished polishing my blue purple shell brooch with silver strands scribbled with black( tarnish in the grooves) There are purply -pink pearls attached to these strands that resemble seaweed. Your photo of sidewalk art looks somewhat like the brooch in both colours and shapes . While I was working on the brooch so I could wear it as a necklace your Mum was pulling up your blog such that when I came to the computer and thought, wow!!! that looks like my brooch!!!! There surely must be a ghost rider and or writer carrying this image from your home in Munich to Montreal..... all across the ocean since this is definitly a watery pin and a watery looking piece of sidewalk art. Love your blog. Also very much enjoying your Mum"s European Blog and drooling over the pictures of Gretchen and Cecily and their escapades. Are they every growing up fast. Are Gretchen"s Math tests really hard? Be sure you study to keep your marks up.Hopefully she's an easy marker and you'll be just fine. Nice to get a glimpse of your wonderful times with your young ones. Aren"t they fun. Say Hi to Ralf. Lots of love, Janet.

  2. Miriam Cooper2 May 2011 at 15:45

    this photo should be framed or laminated to adorn a wall!