Tuesday, 7 June 2011

sizzle fo' shizzle

Come rain or shine, this client opens its' Maxvorstadt online agency and terrace to clients, employees and friends as a mid-year networking hub and opportunity to kick off the b-b-q season.
Steaks, like buttah, are grilled to perfection and exotic cocktails of your choice are flowing at the bar. It always proves to be a late night, the music is mixed from an arsenal of iPods (which guarantees for a truly eclectic mix) and usually the cops show up at least once.

I've been doing the invite for a while, but last year, i started a new series using fun word pairings in combination with the client's main CI elements. Squares of solids colour & patterns, simple yet strong Bell Gothic typography and a fresh, strong palette of colours combine to set the mood and lure out the crowd. Hi5 to Ruth Wiebusch at textbuero for stepping in and helping me with this year's headline.


  1. I LOVE these...fo shizzle.

  2. "hot spot" is an invite for a not-to-be-missed party!