Wednesday, 13 July 2011

the KISS principle

paris pilates website
paris, france

when using my husband as a creative sounding board, he consistently blurts out the old adage: keep it short and simple. great in theory, hard in practice.

but really, why should a design project have to be complex to be effective? approaching the web design for paris pilates, i had all elements going for me: minimal copy, no requests for flash bells & whistles and a quick turn around.

building the site was somewhat like an actual pilates session: focused, precise and rewarding. extending the look and feel of the identity from the print applications, the layout effortlessly took shape. seamlessly working together with the client, we managed both English and French versions, the shooting and selection of clear black & white photography and easily agreed on navigation principles. the hardest element, in the end, was finding a green that rang true in the fickle world of RGB monitors.

once all elements were in place, my ever-supportive local programmer, christine plote, was able to efficiently manage the back-end of the site. the website's simplicity provides a zen-like nod to the identity's japanese roots.

i am all for keeping it simple.

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  1. KISS works! my buddies were all impressed with the site.