Saturday, 29 October 2011

testing the waters

Andrea Usher Jones | Creative Pool Identity
Montreal, Canada

This recent identity project supports Montreal-based copywriter, Andrea Usher-Jones, who had it in mind to set up a professional network of communication contacts as a new trial-venture, creative pool.
The ripple-effect symbol is composed of the five core "C" deliverables of the network: creative, content, concepts, copy and connections. Sascha Timplan's humanistic sans-serif font, St. Ryde, is used in the accompanying wordmark. A textural, photographic visual of light refraction – which I shot in the strong sunshine of Crete – is introduced as a silver monotone design element to identity applications.


The fluid dynamic theme also guided the development process. The project was briefed, conceptualized and implemented (printed and programmed respectively) in less than 1 week. Can good design be done quickly? Can spontaneity match disciplined method? One can only work with a client this swimmingly well if certain mechanics are in place: experience, trust, big-picture thinking, dependable suppliers and a pressing deadline (this course's touch pad was a looming flight departure to Monaco).

With deadline in mind, I decided to give it a try. In contrast to projects which seem to go on forever, this one was rewarding. Creativity as a quick refreshing dip.

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  1. fast spontaneous design is your hallmark...helped by working with AUJ!