Thursday, 20 October 2011

the geek factor

Seriously, not to date myself, but i can remember life before email.
Now, I can hardly imagine life without it. And what about facebook, linkedin, twitter, instagram, skype, flickr and the sleek device that brings this networked lifestyle to our fingertips: the smartphone? I used to joke to myself that I married a geek (hey, he studied computer-science and runs an internet agency so I'm not that off) but now I'm thinking – he's thinking – he married one.

I am the one all excited to configure my new iPhone 4S as hubby sits, non-plussed, flipping through the Sunday Times. His only involvement – his chivalrous replacement of my SIM card – as my jittery fingers were unsure how rough i could be with my new baby.

I am the one whose phone is either ringing, vibrating or dinging that someone, somewhere has emailed/fb'd/what's app'd/commented/retweeted or +1'd me. Before web 2.0, I would be happy to get a mere message on my answering machine.

I am the one who ends the day with checking her email account one last time, surveying my north american email inflow or blog stats and starts it with the dreaded Marimba or Bell Tower hoping to one day feel as freshly optimistic towards the day as those dreaded chimes.

I am the one who finds herself standing in the middle of the kitchen wondering just what to do with herself when neither computer or mobile device are available. 

I am the one who currently connects with a broadly speckled personal and professional network across the globe all out of the palm of my hand. 

I am the one whose loyal, hard-working pack-horse purse is filled with an impressive collection of hardware: mouse, various computer cables, memory sticks, smart phone and various business cards of mac support consultants jumbled in along with most other female handbag standards most guys don't want to hear about. a true mess.

I am the one who mourned for the fearless leader of it all only weeks ago.

What has become of us? Of our lifestyle? Of how we communicate with colleagues, friends & family? Does this magically modern age demand such online geek dependency to feel truly connected to our individual worlds? Could we live without social media and still feel social?

On a scale of 1 to 10, what's your geek factor?


  1. tanks gott that you can be in instant touch across the Atlantic!!

  2. *I* am not surprised.

    Your geek factor was latent even in the time-before-e-mail.

    You are fearless in those ways. I however, use these various sleek [intimidating] things because I reach always for stories.

    I could live without the devices, but not without the connections.

  3. yes, i can see that... as fellow "transplants" we both have wider reaching roots to nurture.

    tx for the comment.