Thursday, 28 June 2012

good things come in drei(s)

I've been living in Germany for close to 8,5 years and thought it about time to start sharing a few of my favourite finds. All tools of some sort, I love them for both their unassuming design simplicity and their undisputed effectiveness in making your day a better one. From top to bottom: Kaufmanns Skin and Baby Cream – baby goodness in an unforgettable tin, Westmark Vegetable Peeler – if you are active in the kitchen, you need to get one of these babies in your hands for an effortless test-drive, aber schnell! and Dux Bakelite Pencil Sharpener – something seemingly antiquated from the desk of Miss Jean Brodie but works like a modern wonder, time and time again.


  1. enthusiastic about the new look of your web site, found it easy to navigate and and informative

  2. Wer hat's erfunden? Sparschäler is Swiss ...