Thursday, 14 June 2012

doing it for the kids

birthday invitation

Every June I am faced with coming up with a birthday invitation for my youngest child (my oldest has long taken over this task herself). As the birthday girl is currently obsessed with all things Barbapapa, coming up with the theme for the party and invite was a no-brainer - if only all design brainstorming could be this efficient ;-)

I arrived at my studio with the loose idea of somehow incorporating those strange, colourful figures designed in the 60's by French architectural student, Anette Tison and American biology teacher, Talus Taylor, into an invite. Working with a little bit of google, photoshop, photocopier magic, canson paper, needle and ribbon, by the time i left after lunch i had whipped out 10 rather charming, bound novellas destined for her friends' mailboxes.

No design masterpiece (I even used Comic Sans, as it most emulated the font used in the original books) yet a nice reminder of how an idea, designed with a little bit of love, can turn into something special, which stands out as it is held in the hand and hopefully cherished.

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