Tuesday, 11 June 2013

joyful challenge

birthdays bring out the best in me.

i seem to find as much joyful challenge in realizing personal as well as professional projects.
is it the child in me awakening? is it a warm-up exercise where anything is possible – no briefings. no rules. you are the client. limitless creativity of materials, form and media. sometimes the results prove surprising:

individual tea-light as party invitation
alternating semi-transparent lanterns were sent
to guests as colourful fairy-gathering summons.

gathered flower petals as floating welcome

a handful of garden blossoms lovingly
transforms a mundane basin into exotic greeting.

lemon cakes with a zest
a basic recipe of cupcakes get glammed up
with mascarpone cream icing, simple & fresh berries
and a tangy baby sprig of mint.

ruffled sacrifice
a week of staged layers and sticky fingers
results in a festive star to
trash amongst cheers & laughter.

a freshly mown 6
there's room enough for creative fathers
to even get in the act.


  1. Creativity enhanced by love!

  2. ah, yes. was hoping that would come across.
    our house-theme these days: do it with love!

  3. Heather I think you are filled with joy! I love seeing your posts on Facebook and I believe that your innate, internal happiness feeds your work and view of the world. I too possess a curiosity for our globe and the adventure living and working in different countries affords, but so jealous (underline, CAPS, boldface, italic) of your languages. Embarrassed to be unilingual.

    1. thank you, merci, danke, liebe jane xo

      BTW, joy IS (underline, CAPS, boldface, italic) my middle name. no joke. check my passport ;-)