Monday, 24 June 2013

true characters

I don't remember how this trend got started.
Most probably my desperation for a quick card led me to trying my hand at a birthday caricature. Extracting key, recognizable traits I aimed to accurately summarize a friend on a folded card. Not so dissimilar from identity work although infinitely more giggle inducing. They have received so much appreciation that it's now become a tradition for special occasions, birthdays or farewells and gets me to loosen up and simply enjoy drawing some true characters.

Allow me to Introduce You

Bianca (+ Famiy)
Avid online shopper, party girl + mum, this friend hales
from Sydney and celebrated her last birthday
with us before her financier husband (closet surfer)
drags them back down under after 4 fab years here in Munich.

This lady of luxury holds court amongst her close set
of friends either topping their glasses with Prosecco or her
exquisite Naha Tea brand from her native Sri Lanka. I think
it was our common love of Corbusier that brought us together.


Good-hearted, mother of 2, infectious with
her laughter, huge smile & large pendants.
No one works a cocktail or a floor-length dress
like Ms. Choo from Christmas Island.

Whether it's shaking her booty on the disco dance floor
or making 140 cupcakes in a simple morning, this WhatsApp'ing
addict will have your head spinning trying to keep up
with her storytelling or portions of generous Satay. Her departure
back to Singapore reluctantly drew me back to the drawingboard.


  1. Would make a fun book!

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