Thursday, 22 August 2013

summer doodles

As to the best possible shape to give to letters,
it is useless to write of it: 
it is a matter for the taste and discernment
of the cutter, and it is in this that he displays
his proficiency or his incapacity.

Pierre Simon Fournier
Manuel typographique (1764)


Every summer, I retreat to my family's cottage. There hasn't been a summer, in all my 47 years that I haven't been there. I passed idyllic childhood days dancing on rocks, learning to swim, running terrified from snakes and enjoying the exuberance of family. I could say that Lake Libby is in my blood.

Now that i have a family of my own, we make the annual pilgrimage from Germany back to Canada to bring our children here. It is now their turn to pick blueberries, run barefoot on the moss, catch frogs – to learn what it feels like to be Canadian.

This summer, I've been immersed in reading books about typography, typography & more typography which led me to doodling between pages, family swims or the dinner dishes – searching for the sense of summer in the form of a pencil sketch thru to bezier curve.

pencil sketches

What words comes to mind when you think of that special place in your life?