Tuesday, 17 December 2013

reach for the stars

As most of us are either busying about with our all-consuming Christmas shopping sprees, dreaming about what goodies may lie under the tree or scrolling the endless wishlists of family-members, a recent project redirected my gaze of greed-is-good to yet another possibility.

Instead of an oak-laced wine or a shiny box of shrink-wrapped chocolates, my client, virtual identity, opted to sprinkle some Christmas spirit in a different way and turned to me to create a card to convey it. They had sponsored 75 "School-in-a-Box" mobile classrooms – now part of UNICEF's standard response to emergencies – used in many back-to-school operations around the world.

UNICEF's School-in-a-Box

Simple, intructional tools and objects such as pencils, rulers, building blocks and even an inflatable atlas are packed into an aluminium case for an afflicted group of students to open and engage with. No doubt their expressions of joy and excitement – on any given day – rival those of our own privileged children on Christmas morning.

Nach den Sternen greifen - Reach for the Stars

a UV varnish adds lustre,
everyday objects seeming to shine

The card in leporello format

The motif of the card seemed obvious enough:
with the basic gift of opportunity, almost anything is possible.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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