Tuesday, 4 February 2014

gather to grow

grow 2014
Virtual Identity (VI) Employee Retreat Branding

How often does your company have the chance to come together and solely focus on self- & community-development? Once a year, VI invites all 180 employees to convene in the Tyrolean alps for two days of various intensive workshops, performances, barcamps, social networking and music jamming between their four offices. This year's motto was "grow". In contrast to previous years, we opted for an organic, natural symbol connecting the event inspiration to the surrounding alpine landscape.

An organic, natural symbol
partners with Georgia, VI's house font

As teaser – a week before the event – each employee received a dosage of "VIagra" on their desk. Provocatively styled to resemble that well known pharmaceutical, once opened, an instructional leaflet outlined what they were required to prepare and bring on the enclosed wooden USB stick which unveiled the upcoming event's logo.

Event Teaser
How about a little VIagra to get things growing?

With a focus on natural materials and colors, a range of welcoming gifts were prepared for attendants. Upon entering the transit buses, everyone was issued a Jause (Tyrolean for Snack) Bag as well as T-shirt. A varnished Jausebrettchen (Tyrolean snack platter) awaited in each hotel room, literally embodying the symbol of the logo and having been hot-iron-branded with welcoming message and event identity.

Jause – Snack
Sandwich bags hand-stamped
and ready for transport

Aufi! – Lets Go!
Aubergine & kelly green tshirts

GriaƟ di!  – Welcome!
Austrian goodies offered up on Jausebrettchen
Symbol embodied as physical keepsake

Identity as captured on Instagram
#grow2014 #VITage

Branded Environments
From mixing board to stage performances

After the event, my client shared that, once again, the identity had pulled everything together – down to the last detail – and that she had received a lot of feedback from everyone who could feel the love that was put into each and every touchpoint. This struck me. As designers, although we intellectually develop and create experiences, we do not have the benefit of emotionally taking part in the actual brand journey as it welcomes, initiates and guides – the audience clearly has something over us.

The Stage is Set
Dry run of stage animation sequence

Interactive Identity
On-stage performance

… and for some, grow has a complete
other meaning. I figure another 16 years
before she's running the show!


  1. love love love your work. so clever!

  2. totally amazing…your creativity astounds!!

  3. Just beautiful....

  4. Great Job. thanx. Udo

  5. Superbly artistic and wonderfully creative. No wonder VI keeps being inspired. As usual I stumble on it late :))