Sunday, 8 January 2012

a designer lurks in each and every one of us

This past week, fontshop asked its social media followers what, if any, good design had been seen over the holidays.

As I have been skiing in the Austrian alps, the extent of my contact to design has been reaching for the new & improved Nutella family pack at the local supermarket or noticing the latest killer graphics on a rad pair of skis while navigating the lift queues but I resolvedly scanned my mind for what I could have seen that would be worth to mention.

A Christmas present which I had received from my brother’s family came distinctly to mind. Not for the present itself, but for the ingenious packaging. I had, of course, seen the Paul Smith gift bag nestled snuggly under the tree, and it being one of my favourite brands, (it´s hard not to notice those iconic stripes) when it landed on my lap, i was secretly thrilled.

Upon closer inspection however, I happened to notice a small detail cleverly added above the much-revered Paul Smith wordmark. There, in what seemed to be normal copier paper was a cheeky, carefully mocked Paul Smith Script appliqué of the ever-so-powerful word „Not“. My sister-in-law, an MBA not an MFA, had successfully created the ultimate anti-brand.

I was struck not only by her witty, bold idea (how often have you thought to re-use a posh bag but shyly resisted?) but by her faithful recreation of such a subtle brand element in such convincing detail. That was good design – a clever idea lovingly executed to render impact or effect.

I went on to open the present, but it was the bag that made the blog.

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